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Danger Mod

Danger Mod


Tim Nygaard(@dangerdama) has been a huge part of kendama and the community for many years. He is considered a dad to some, and an inspiration to others. From being an admin on the FKC, to a humble supportive player who truly loves kendama.
That being said...we would like to introduce the EVO Danger signature mod. Due to the kens being hand-turned, the drops are going to be SUPER limited.
-All high quality beech wood setup.
-Our new “Dad Bod” shape is designed by Tim, and hand-turned by Kyle Blankenbicker
-7.5% bigger than our normal shape
-HUGE cups for dialed balance -SUPER stick tama
-"Open Mouth Bevel". We've all seen our dads fall asleep on the couch with their mouth wide open, right?
-"Muffin Top Seals". SLIGHTLY ill-fitting

Message from Tim:

Thank you for checking out my mod! The whole "danger" thing came from an old Facebook name of mine "Tim Danger Powers". After a while, I decided that a reference to a 20 year old movie wasn't the coolest thing to have as a Facebook name, so I switched it. The nickname stuck, and I've just been running with it since.

I really wanted my mod to not only be simple, but I wanted it to be something that people wouldn't baby. I designed this with a hazardous theme with the thought of wanting it to be that perfect balance between ugly and eye-catching so nobody would be afraid to destroy it.

The triangle seal was designed by my good friend and kendama mentor Noah "Goose" Giese a few years ago. It's so simple, and so perfect. I really couldn't imagine a more suitable seal for my mod. Thanks Goose, I owe you a shirt

I sincerely can't picture my life without kendama and the people in my life because of kendama. I'm truly so stoked that you even took the time to read this, and I hope you soon find yourself with the first physical DangerDama to hit the market.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


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